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Missed this epic gravity defying class ??? 
Don't worry , we have the whole thing in the private FB group and recorded all the videos and numbered them so you won't get lost ... 



This gives you access to a  LIVE Two in One Class for the ToolBox and the Briefcase Cake 
I am going to show you TWO structures for two different cakes. 
There is a slight tweak from the toolbox idea and it will become the briefcase idea . I want to be able to offer this to you so that you have that knowledge you can apply for your next cakes. 
The Briefcase Cake can LIE DOWN , STAND UP  and be picked up ! Watch it in action here :


The possibilities for this are endless ! Toolboxes, tackle boxes, make up kits, luggages , school briefcases, travel briefcases ... 

(* want a complete cake kit instead ?) 
IF YOU WANT a TOOLBOX  KIT or BRIEFCASE KIT along with this, please purchase the other Class with KIT option .  So the other option will come out less expensive. 

The Briefcase will be 3.5 inches by 10 inches long by 7 inches high and comes with a a purse buckle mold . 

The TOOLBOX KIT comes with the BUCKLE MOLD - it adds to the authentic look of the kit . 
There are two sizes for the ToolBox. I will not charge any difference . 
1. small, 10 in by 5.5 inches by 6 inches high- will get a smaller buckle mold
2.medium, 10 by 7 inches by 7 inches high- will get a bigger buckle mold 
(* you will get the appropriate sized mold for your kit . It will look off if the buckles are too big or too small ) 

You will be added to a private FB group just for the students taking this class. 
So wait for my email after you purchase and I will send you a link to the Private FB group.  I will do my best to email you as soon as I can - but remember, our time zones may be different so please wait a bit :) 


When the class is purchased, the buyer agrees that the class is for your own use only. It is not for redistribution or reteaching . You can recreate the structure and use it for your own clients . You cannot take the tutorial and sell or share it to the public . The class is the intellectual property of Way Beyond Cakes .

Two in One Toolbox & Briefcase Cake Class- Online Private FB Access

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