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Have a One on One Private Class with Mayen 
Location: Goodyear AZ 

Do you have a dream project in mind? 
You can book a private session with me and we can 
customize the class to your needs - cake building basics, special projects cakes even structured cakes . 


In booking advanced cake designs for business purposes , a knowledge of caking basics is needed.  This ensures that you understand the process and can recreate it on your own .  I want to guide you , but not make it for you . 
However , if it is a special project you want to do for yourself and want more guidance from me as you make it - you can book a project cake class as well ! 
Please message me to discuss your special project in mind ! 

Private One on One class rates will depend on the project and  starts at $500 

for a half day course .  Some projects can be completed in that time frame but more complicated designs will take more time to complete. 

What awesome Cake Project 
do you
 want to work on ?

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