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Missed the Tilting Book Class when it went live ? 
Now you can still get into the private FB Group and access the recordings of the live videos and learn !!! Videos are labeled anr marked so it wont be hard to navigate the order of the videos. 


I included OTHER structures for free:  Standing Arrow, Standing Superman and Standing Heart ...  the superman video is also given for free in the group ! 


This class is a great beginner BUT challenging class . You have to understand the WHYs of structure building and you can definitely shock your family, friends and clients when you show them what your Book Cake can do ! 
The look on their faces when you pretend to slip -- or flip the cake -- will remind you once again why it is so FUN to make these types of cakes !!!

This is a LIVE class and it will be recorded and saved in a private FB group just for the ones taking this class. The videos, files, templates and discussions will be there for a year , and you can keep watching over and over and download the files. 


In the online class , I will do my best to explain everything step by step and show you the materials and procedures. I will not be able to answer each question , nor will I be able to see each one during a live session ( you know how it is when we do lives ) -- BUT , that is what the private FB group page is for later on . Since all students who took the class live can have access to the private group and see all questions and answers there. 

I will be available for you even after the live class :) 

You will receive templates and pdfs along with your class. 

I will also show you three other completely different designs that have the same core structure idea. ONE small fee for this class, and you clearly will quadruple it so fast in ROI ;)  in your next cake  !


After you purchase , please wait for my email with the group link so you can join us. Pls note our time zones may be different so pls be patient, but I will do this as soon as I possibly can . Thank you !



The class is for your private use only - you can recreate it , use it, sell the cakes you make from it  .. but the idea, design and structure is not for reselling or reteaching .
When the class is purchased, the buyer agrees that the class is for your own use only. It is not for redistribution or reteaching . You can recreate the structure and use it for your own clients . You cannot take the tutorial and sell or share it to the public . The class is the intellectual property of Way Beyond Cakes .

Tilting Book Cake Class -Online Private FB Group access

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