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Welcome to the Tilted Cakes Master Class - FB Group 


These cakes are the perfect Prank Cakes and you are sure to make the cake and the event much more memorable !!!


This is a 4 in one cake class access to tutorials, videos and photos in making the following tilted cakes, shoe, popcorn, taco and cup . The possibilities on what you can "tilt" are endless and all you need to learn is how to use easily obtainable tools in making your structure . 
I will show you different options in securing your structure - from wood and drill option to cake board and hot glue option --- they will ALL WORK

The heart of this cake class centers on a hardware tool which we wil hot glue in position -- it can be found in many countries and I will also update the group as I modify and make this idea expand even more ! 

Join our community in making cakes that are so NOT BORING ;) 


When you purchase the class, you will be given a file to download - that pdf file will have the QR code to the FB Group. All you need to do is download the pdf file, open it - and the QR code will generate the link  and the link to the FB group will appear, click on it and send your request to join us !  

This class is more suited for intermediate cakers , and may be a little challenging for complete beginners ( meaning, you have not made a cake tier ever ) .. but if you have dabbled into making tiers, and are looking at something that is so impactful yet doesnt have to be gigantic -- this is for YOU !!!


I have made the group access price so encouraging at $25 -- at this rate, the Return on this small investment will be HUGE and will trickle on beyond the cakes you will see--- especially for those who have not done structure before -- this will inspire you to do more !!!! 

As always, thank you for your support !



See you on the other side !!!



TILTED CAKES Master Class FB Group

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