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Make your Cupcake Bouquet different this year ! 


Cupcake Bouquets have been made the same over the years and this time, you can make it different and much more exciting ! 

I will show you two different ways you can make this change . 

This tutorial will give you recipes, tools, materials and videos that show step by step ways in how I have made my structure and cake for the Cupcake Bouquet Surprise ! 

You will need very minimal hardware materials and I will show you how you can make your own cake , vase and bouquet . I will also show you other options you have in making a cake like this . 

The tutorial covers structure building and cake making - and bouquet making and assembly. A s much as I want to show you how I made my flowers - Id rather not - since that is not my area of expertise. I have always been a fondant person and very rarely venture into buttercream. I have followed my friend Liz of Eat Cake Be Merry and I have included tutorials she has in making some flowers. She also has a coupon code for students who would want to enrol in her butterceam flowers class. 

You will have instant download access to the pdf file and you will find the access code to my website in that file. 

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial as much as I do !  
This is designed to be in tutorial format - BUT if you would like to have assistance in building the cake - send me a message and I can help you with that :) 

When you purchase the class, pls remember that the class is not for sharing or distribution. 

The Cupcake Bouquet Surprise Cake

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