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INTRODUCTORY SALE - just for this week, because it is my mom's bday week :) 

Welcome to The Cake Lab !


Here you will learn cool tricks and tips on how to make a fun set of interactive cakes that require NO HARDWARE - and you can easily apply to other similar cake types ( like hip flasks, medicine bottles, beet bottles, water bottles - let your imagination lead you to what you will make next ! ) 


I will teach you how to make these SUPER SIMPLE cake structures - and break it down like a simple crafting project ( which it is ;)  ) -- which is insanely inexpensive . I can tell you the materials to make EACH cake structure will not even be $3 each . The main structure , you can even find for $0.50 ... depending on where you buy :)  

Making these cakes enhance that EXPERIENCE has always been my mission as your cake instructor. I get giddy myself when I make them and I always aim to make it easy to understand and easy to make - so cake makers can also start offering this option for their customers. You can also keep making your tiered cakes and have these smaller show stopping interactive toppers on your cake - IT WILL BE EPIC ! 

You will also have TEMPLATES and structure breakdown diagrams included in the download. You will also have recipes that you will need for the cake, ganache and even the spackle material for cracks and gaps . 

You can access the tutorial anytime, Once you receive the email after you purchase, pls download the zip, extract it and save to your computer ( not all tablets and phones can extract zip files , so pls be aware of that . if it doesnt work for you  , then open the file on a computer ) 
VIDEO ACCESS code is inside the ZIP file . 

Thank you so much for your continued support !!!


PS Purchasing this tutorial means you are also agreeing to respect my intellectual property rights and will not distribute or reproduce the tutorial.  The cake class tutorial is not to be retaught, resold or otherwise.  Thank you :) 


The Cake Lab - 3 gravity defying, interactive cakes

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