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The COOLEST cake you can make WITHOUT using ANY HARDWARE - no screws, no metal parts, and  no wood parts !  I promise ! 


Truly Gravity Defying !!!

You can LIFE, RAISE, HANG  and FLIP this cake and imagine ALL the cool poses your celebrants will have with it !!!!! 


You will only use common materials at the craft store ! I have obsessed over making this cake with the most common tools available :) I have found out that a lot are intimidated by drills and power tools ... so if you can use a cutter and exacto knife , and hot glue ( and have a positive open mind to try new things  !)   --- you are good to go !!!


This SUPERHERO HAMMER CAKE will show you how to make everything STEP BY STEP. You will be shown two different approaches to making it ( simpler version and a more detailed version ) 
The tutorial will have step by step photos, templates and 5 different videos in making the cake from start to finish .  Over 100 minutes of detailed instruction - within your access anytime . 
Your zip folder will have all the step by step photos, measurements , and the video access code. 
PLEASE download the zip folder within 30 days :) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me :) 



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