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Missed this class when it went live ? Don't worry - we saved it and you can watch at your convenient time . The videos are numbered as well so you can choose what you want to watch. 
The class was done in two days, and a total of over 8 hours of video. 


This is the complete class that will teach the building process of the shoe AND the spinning principles of the Ball cake. After this class , you can spin any shape, make different designs and as a bonus, I will show you how to spin the ball in other projects. 
This is like attending an in person class, as we will do everything from start to finish , in making the standing shoe cake and the spinning ball cake . 
The CLASS was broadcast on a PRIVATE Facebook GROUP where the participants will be able to  watch the recorded videos after the class.
You will also be provided with a step by step photo tutorial to be your visual guide for the event . 

In the Online Class  I will do my best to explain everything step by step and show you the materials and procedures. I will not be able to answer each question , nor will I be able to see each one during a live session ( you know how it is when we do lives ) -- BUT , that is what the private FB group page is for later on . Since all students who took the class live can have access to the private group and see all questions and answers there. 
I will be available for you even after the live class :) 

You will also be sent templates and materials list . It will also be saved in the FB GROUP. 
The Private FB group will be open for a year and you will be able to access the recorded live videos over and over.


AFTER PURCHASE, please wait for my email and I will give you the link to the private FB group where all the information is saved and you will send a request in and I will get you in and you can enjoy the class at your own convenience ! 

The class is for your private use only - you can recreate it , use it, sell the cakes you make from it  .. but the idea, design and structure is not for reselling or reteaching . By purchasing this class , you are agreeing that the class is not for reteaching .When the class is purchased, the buyer agrees that the class is for your own use only. It is not for redistribution or reteaching . You can recreate the structure and use it for your own clients . You cannot take the tutorial and sell or share it to the public . The class is the intellectual property of Way Beyond Cakes .

Standing Shoe and Spinning Ball Cake Class Private FB Group Access

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