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The Spinning Elf Cake Tutorial  - you can also easily change this into a Spinning Ballerina Cake , Spinning Globe,  and Spinning Christmas Tree :) 


This tutorial takes you into a whole new level of cake making .   This is definitely the type of tutorial for those who want to add another interactive level to their cakes . In incorporating a spinning element to your creation - it will take a good amount of work and creativity :)  The moving feature will immediately elevate your level of cake making.  It also immediately increases the market value of your work . 

You will learn how to replicate this spinning cake wonder - and how to use the same techniques in making other cakes that spin . I also have some examples and diagrams in your notes .  You can also make the entire cake spin and even use the heavy duty battery operated motor to spin multiple cake tiers altogether ( it is also perfect for displays !) 


I do not sell the heavy duty battery operated  motor , but I will give you the information on where to buy it from and you can contact the manufacturer directly ( the motor is ONLY $80 ) - and the motor can also take over 30 pounds of weight 

( i have it on the website video ! )  They are located in PA and they ship anywhere in the world . 
My own motor has lasted YEARS and Im still using it . 


For this Spinning Cake you will learn : 


Cake stacking , ganaching and covering with fondant using the panelling method

How to use a motorized gadget, hide it effectively and make it part of the whole design 

Learn how to isolate parts of the cake to spin 

Making a small elf cake design - with the option of cake and styro combination 


You will be getting a ZIP FOLDER when you purchase this tutorial. In it you will have the VIDEO ACCESS CODE to my website where you will access all notes and videos anytime . 
ZIP FOLDERS can be downloaded by SOME phones and tablets but not all -- so if it does not work on your phone or tablet, please download it using a computer . If you are having difficulty with that, just let me know :) 

The tutorial is meant to teach and you are encouraged to replicate the cake  , tweak and earn from it. But please do not redistribute the tutorial , reteach or copy . Pls respect and protect the intellectual  property of Way Beyond Cakes.  This enables me to continue doing my work :) Thank you so much for your support !!! 




Spinning Elf Cake Tutorial

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