Wanted to learn how to make these gravity defying cake purses - and missed the LIVE CLASS? 

Don't worry .... you can access the private fb group and still watch the recorded live class and watch it on your own time ! 


The class covers everything from cake strcuture  to stacking, sculpting and covering . 

There are two cakes made from beginning to end in the class and a bonus photo tutorial for the Wearable Crossbody Bag as in the photos ! 


Class videos are numbered in parts so you know which video to watch first . I  am also available for troubleshooting if you run into some problems . 

Upon purchase, please wait for my email for your invitation to the private group :) 


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in class ! 




The class is for your private use only - you can recreate it , use it, sell the cakes you make from it  .. but the idea, design and structure is not for reselling or reteaching . By purchasing this class , you are agreeing that the class is not for reteaching .When the class is purchased, the buyer agrees that the class is for your own use only. It is not for redistribution or reteaching . You can recreate the structure and use it for your own clients . You cannot take the tutorial and sell or share it to the public . The class is the intellectual property of Way Beyond Cakes .

Hanging Wristlet/ Pouch Cake Class Private Group Access