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The Hanging Stocking Cake - no hardware needed in making this :) 


This Cake Tutorial will be the shock of kids everywhere !!!!  Imagine if the Elf turned their stocking into cake :) that would be hilarious !!!


Let me walk you through what you need to do to make this happen. This cake will not require any hardware and would make use of easy to find things at the craft store.  You can start making this , tomorrow !!! I will also provide you with other ideas you can make - Your printables also have small and big stocking templates with guides on where to put support and what to cut etc. 
You will also be given printable templates if you would like to use the characters I have used as examples on the different stocking templates. All of these are on the website , and they are also on the ZIP folder. 


A cake like this will have approx 16 servings . Depending on your area, the complexity of what you will design it to be on the outside, a recommended price point for this should not be below $95 for the plainer designs. Remember , the structure building part will use up your EXPERTISE  AND TIME - and they're paying for that more than anything :)  

You will have access to the videos anytime and you will have your ZIP folder emailed to you immediately after you purchase . ZIP folders do not download on phones or tablets . So please let me know if you will have difficulty accessing a computer .  You can also download it through the website ( the notes and templates ) if you are having difficulty accessing a computer at the moment. 


As with my other cake classes- you are encouraged to make this and sell it and have fun with it -- just remember that the tutorial is not for sharing and is still my intellectual property . Should others ask you how you made yours, I hope you can recommend the tutorial , that is how you can help me  and my work :)  I am hoping to see your creations soon !!! 


Hanging Stocking Cake Tutorial - instant download / no hardware needed

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