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The Hanging Plant Cake Tutorial 


This tutorial walks you through the ways you can make a gravity defying cake - using simple and easy to find materials . I will show you two options - and exactly where to buy the store bought ones . 


I will also show you several design ideas - both for the smaller and the taller hanging plant designs ( Jared , my 13 yr old son, actually helped me in making the digital sketches for this  :) he is also involved in making the kits..and that is our way - yours and mine - in helping teach this kid entrepeneurship thank you for supporting us that way too   ) 

This will definitely make you thing wayyy outside the box . The cake design I have made shows an added technique of making a rounded bottom and a tapered top --- both of which will take more time and adds interesting elements to your creation  - BUT you can choose to do them or not to do them . This means , you can easily do a simple hanging terra cotta pot design , with no added carving . I will have diagrams/illustrations  included in the ZIP file you will download when you purchase the class.  I can bet that when you see the other designs, you will start experimenting on your own :) and that is what I hope will happen . 

The ZIP file will be in the email you will receive when you purchase the class. ZIP files cannot download on phones or tablets . So if you do not have access to a computer at the moment , please let me know and I will have another option for you .  All the files in the ZIP file are also in the website you will have access to using a password. However , I know some students want their notes saved on their devices so I have put all the notes and diagrams available through the zip file. IF you cannot access the zip file, but can access the website, you will have the option of downloading the notes through the website itself.  YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR CAKE CLASS/ TUTORIAL ANYTIME. 

The structure used here is available - as far as I know --- readily available anywhere ... I have put the amazon and ebay options so you can check , and they ship worldwide. The hardware option is also included here so pls check out the hardware photo with the labeled parts . 

As with every class cake- you are encouraged to do the cake, sell it, repeat it ... do your variations from it -- but please the class is not for sharing or distribution . This is how you will help protect my intellectual property , and help me continue my work through these affordable tutorials that I hope will help you in making these fun cakes. :) 

Thank you for your support for my work - I know these are tough times and we are working together to get more of these smaller sized cakes --that are still packed with crazy personality -- for you and your clients, friends and family :) It is my hope that these hanging plant cakes will start occupying my news feed in the next few weeks !!! 


Stay safe !--


Hanging Plant Cake Tutorial - download instantly

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