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Surprise your friends with a cake that you can lift, twist, invert ... and of course, BITE ! 
The small dumbbell cake is another perfect prank cake :)  it's perfect pandemic proportions 

(* The black small dumbbell cake will serve 6 - and if you make it the next size up, 8 servings ) 

This gravity defying dumbbell cake is made from very simple items. no screws, no metal parts  !


I am also making a second dumbbell cake which will be using a different shape and color - and I will be able to add this to the tutorial in the website you will have private access to . 
I will also discuss other alternatives in the structure . 



Purchasing this tutorial also means you will not share or reproduce the tutorial.  You are encouraged to remake the cake, sell it and enjoy ! But the tutorial itself is for your personal use. 


Gravity Defying Small Dumbbell Cake - no hardware required

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