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Make your own Coffee Mug Cake - using really simple materials you can find in the craft store - or in stores like walmart / target :) 


The MAIN PART of the structure - you can cut with scissors ! haha !  

So there are still some metal parts in there - but theyre so easy to find and readily available anywhere...  No need for anything custom made or drilled. 


You will be able to make your own - realistic sized - mug cake ! I will also teach you how to make liquid pour out of the cake . 



You can also tweak the size of the coffee mug cake ot make it into a beer glass bottle cake. 
I urge you to listen well to the structure tutorial part - I explain the HOW - the theory behind how this structure works. I will show you options - for those who prefer to use power tools, like a saw and drill... BUT I based this tutorial mainly for the cakers who do not have power tools and want to raise your skills and knowhow for these type of cakes . 

Please download the zip file, you will find the materials list and recipes and the video code access for my website. Pls do so in 30 days  ( download it in 30 days ) . You will have access to the tutorials in my website - anytime :) 


Thank you for continuing to support my classes and tutorials ! 





Coffee Mug Cake Tutorial

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