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The Music Playing Carry Along Boom BoxCake Class will be the hit of your party!
You can actually take and pose with your cake like the real thing- as it plays the music of your choice  !


In this class you will learn the basics of making a structure that enables you to lift and carry your cake with you . I will teach you several ways of doing so, and not just limited to the unique structure for this specific cake. I will teach you ways to make sure your cake does not topple over and remain secure as you lift and even sway it around . You will also learn to stack a cake and cover it with semi sweet chocolate ganache , and make a smooth sharp finish. You will also learn to cover a cake using the paneling method . We will be working with cake, fondant, gumpaste, edible dusts and more . You will also be incorporating clever electronics to make your cake come to life !!!


I will give you the complete list of materials , links to the specialty items used and also recipes I use.  I will also give you templates and printables in case you want to do it with edible prints. 


You will be provided with notes for what we have used in class and the measurements to make sure you can recreate the project easily and can also tweak the structure for your own project designs.


Since this is a preselling for the class, you will have access to the class when it launches on Nov 6 . IF you prefer to have the actual cake kit and do the class along with me, please book it on  



Boombox Cake Class - Online Class Only

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