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This is an ONLINE CAKE CLASS that will teach you how to make a gravity defying structure and build it from the ground up ! 

This is NOT a LIVE class, but a WATCH and LEARN class. It is also not a hands on class since we are doing it online . 

You will be able to learn how to make balancing shoes, or make just one shoe stand , or make  a show stand on a shoe box , or make a slanted balancing shoe on the box -- from this class alone, you can do so many things !!!

IF You have attended my Standing Shoe and Spinning Ball class before, and want to add the balancing part of this class to what you know, you can have access to this class for only $35 . Just message me or email me and I can verify that you are in that previous class and you will upgrade it to having access to this class too ! 

This class will have so many step by step photos from previous cake designs done and you will also have templates for your own shoes/ sneaker cakes. 



Balancing Sneakers Cake Class

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