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Learn the ins and outs of making balancing cakes !  You can now have access to a 2 day class for the Balancing Cakes Fundamentals Master Class. Class is saved and recorded on Zoom and FB ! 


This course will show you the FUNDAMENTALS, from the basics and going into the intermediate skills and designs - which is the class we are going to make.


This particular class has been taught in several countries already and have proven to be a great course in breaking down what you need to make towering cakes that look like it is balancing on a point -- or on several points !


What are you getting in the class ?

1. 10 hours of instruction . Detailed structure training for these types of cakes - same as what I do for my in person classes. It is available in FB videos and recorded Zoom videos . 

2. Prep weekend - Because this class in pretty intensive, I will be doing prep time with the group, days and weekends before the big day in class. This way we can all learn the materials we will use and what alternatives you can prep for . ( already done in Private FB group ) 

3. Recipes and resources for the cake materials

4. Follow up sessions in the group or private FB consults when you are in a jam and need advice or troubleshooting . I can offer a 30 minute zoom meeting or private FB video call for you and we will not need to be live in the group :)

5. Printable diagrams of my other cake classes , done in the same manner - if you take this class, you will automatically know how the other cakes are done :)

6. Structures of other cakes done with the same idea - that corresponds to the cake diagrams I will give you .

7. Access to a private FB group and my website where you can watch your class over and over 

8. LIVE Interaction and access to your instructor . You are not just watching a predone video, you are REALLY in CLASS. You CAN ASK questions as I am working on the class cakes :) Now , this is a packed class :) It will be a great intro into these types of cakes and will immediately get you on the course of higher rates for your cakes , and instant double or triple return on your investment . You are not just learning one type of cake - your eyes will be opened to a different world for sure :) Please note that this course is for students and hobbyists and bakers.. and the skills here are not for reteaching or infringing on the intellectual properties of Way Beyond Cakes LLC . When you sign up for the class, you agree to abide by these conditions and agree not to reteach or redistribute the class for personal gain .

Location & Contact Details


Online Session

Cancellation Policy: LIVE Classes are purchased and are not refundable. You have access to the live class and the recorded versions, along with access to files, pdfs and templates in the FB Private group for your chosen class or classes.

Balancing Cakes FUNDAMENTALS - 2 day class

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