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This listing is for my students who already know the way to make the kit and bought the previous tutorial  -- but prefer a ready made one to use. This is a NEW version -- same priciples --but entirely new acrylic material , easy to assemble and wont need any screws . It is also reusable if you wanted to use it again . 



Because you have gotten the link to the previous tutorial you bought, there will be NO LINK  or tutorial sent here. Just the Kit itself. The assembly and tutorial will be in the same website link you got before , I updated it . 


WILL SHIP TO USA ONLY , with the 3 dollar shipping cost . 
if outside the usa, please message me 


For the MOLD : use code MAYEN10 when you buy from Simicakes

Mayen's 3D Half Bottle Silicone Mold | Simi Cakes Store (

You will use a pound of isomalt for the 6 top bottles 



By purchasing the kit you are agreeing that you are using this for your own use - or your business/ client orders only . You are to respect and protect the rights of the maker of the kit by NOT making a similar kit based on this and selling it yourself, OR teaching the idea in a class. You are encouraged to make your own, or just order another ...  and keep using it for your business. This is based on my own face to face class and I am making this kit available so it can get to different people who cannot get to the classes and more people can enjoy the amazing effects of having a cake you can "experience" :)


6 Pack Beer Cake KIT ONLY for those who got tutorial before

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