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This is a packed tutorial !

You will learn the BASICS of making a simple structure that you can take into three different directions !


You can make a PAINTING CANVAS CAKE - you will see that the painting canvas cake I made is HUGE - 9 by 12 by 4 inches HUGE. It was so heavy --- and you can make this bigger or much smaller -- depending on what you want.


You can make a LEANING BOOK CAKE --- which you can also make into a HANGING CAKE - The Leaning Cake can be MOVABLE too - or you have the BONUS of making a Standing ROUND cake - stationary or leaning and moving !


The materials used here are widely found in hardware stores and craft stores - worldwide.

Use the simplest of materials to make such a fun and interactive cake your next party will thank you for !


Included in the tutorial are 2 VIDEOS . Download the files after you purchase and it will contain the link and password to the videos which you can access anytime .



3 in 1 Tutorial - Hanging, Leaning , Standing & Movable Cake

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