The ultimate Summer Cake ! A pick me up Gravity Defying Popsicle Cake ! 
In this special cake kit and class you will have 2 kits , and this is intended for the student and their kid or friend :)  The smaller cake kit is free only for this time ! 
I would love to get these eye catching and very memorable cakes into your hands so you can spread the joy with these cakes that we love making !You will have a couple of options on how you want to take the class. 
1. Get the kits and do it yourself ( you will have early access to video tutorials on how to make them yourself ) 
2. Get the kits and ZOOM with us on July 31  9am. For those who want to ZOOM and you can bring your other friend or child with  you too . It will be fun ! 
What will you get : 
1. I will give you a couple of different suggestions for recipes you may want to try for your cake .  And also guide you with the ganache we will use . 
2. You will receive two ready to use kits,  dowels and flexible acetate smooth scrapers ( 2 ) 
3.  Should you decide to make it yourself in the future , you will also get the step by step instructions in making the kit 4. You will also get access to the tutorial videos in making the cake Shipping begins on July 19 ! So pls expect your kits very soon !!!
If you want extra kits , let me know. 

Set of 2 Popsicle Cake Kits - big and small with Zoom and recorded tutorials