This is a completely assembled Popsicle Cake kit and it will come with tutorials for both the popsicle with the bite on it, and the red-white-blue complete popsicle . 

You will receive 

Cake Kit 


acetate smoother


video and photo tutorials 

Total size for the kit is approximately 3.5 inches by 12 inches long . 


In person classes normally cost 3 to 4 times the cake kit prices. Now that we have time at home to practice, this is the next best thing - and it allows you to be safe at home and not hunt for the numerous materials needed to make one kit. 

Your cake  kit is custom made - and hand made in my home workshop in Arizona . It is not outsourced or being resold from a shop somewhere else. When you buy from me, you are also helping support a small business owner -- and learning awesome things at the same time !!!

Your shipping cost is automatically calculated bu UP postal service, depending on where you live. 
If you are ordering multiple items , and shipping looks more than it should, please email me at and I will recalculate shipping for you and combine them. 

Popsicle Cake Kit