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IT IS TIME for you to make these small gift bag cakes ! 

The cake is truly gravity defying and will not need screws or bolts or anything like that . You will only need common things from the craft store ( structure itself needs about 3 main things and a fourth food safe film,, that's ALL !) 


It's ridiculously FUN , because , really .. Big things come in small packages hahaha ! and the small gift boxes are also packed with anticipation ! Well, it is CAKE still , so ... win win ! 

You can also HIDE an item inside if you like ... just make sure it is sealed from your cake, and you are good to go ! 


You will be prompted to download the tutorial here , and it will have a ZIP folder where you will have the printable guides, pdf notes and the link and password to the accompanying video :) 
You will have access to this whenever you need it so please download it as soon as your purchase.

It wont load on phones, so pls use a computer . and if you have no access to one, pls send me a message .  

I will include a few printable logo labels that you can use for  the gift bag - you may need a diff software to choose your logo and enlarge it to your liking . 


THANK YOU for your support for my tutorial and my virtual classes and cake kits :) They have helped my family tremendously during this pandemic. STAY SAFE and I hope you will enjoy this class !!!  When I make a new Gift bag cake, I will remind you , when I post any new stuff related to this tutorial , that if I have new pics or videos related to it, you will have access to it - on the website link with the password. So please print that and keep it :) It is my goal to keep encouraging you guys to make new , fun interesting things just like this small cake that packs a mighty punch ! 


Please do remember that the purchase is for your use and not for sharing ( the tutorial I mean... but the cakes - fee free to make them and sell them , that is the goal  !)

. By purchasing this tutorial, you are also agreeing to respect and not violate  the intellectual property of Way Beyond Cakes LLC. 
The idea, illustrations and videos are property of WBC LLC and are not meant for reteaching, copying or redistribution . 


Gravity Defying Gift Bag Cake - no hardware required to make it!

$14.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
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