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THis is the listing for the Gift Bag Cake with a Kit to be assembled . 


You will receive access to the website to make the gift bag cake on your own if you wish - and you will also receive a kit you can reuse if you want . 


If you want more than 1 kit, pls message me :) 


By purchasing the kit you are agreeing that you are using this for your own use - or your business/ client orders only . You are to respect and protect the rights of the maker of the kit by NOT making a similar kit based on this and selling it yourself, OR teaching the idea in a class. You are encouraged to make your own, or just order another ...  and keep using it for your business. This is based on my own face to face class and I am making this kit available so it can get to different people who cannot get to the classes and more people can enjoy the amazing effects of having a cake you can "experience" :)

Gift Bag Cake Kit and Tutorial Bundle

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