Perfect for Father's Day !!! GIve them something you are sure they have not had before !!! 


(* limited number of kits available before Father's Day - tutorial will be sent to you in print and video)

Be the HIT of the party by making a cake you can PICK UP, TILT and even INVERT !


READY TO USE  Mug Kit - will make a 5 by 8 inch round mug cake 

(* it will have considerable weight... it WILL HOLD ! and  after you chill it in the fridge, I swear, you can FLIP IT UPSIDE DOWN and make jaws drop at your party !) 



A VIDEO TUTORIAL will be sent to your email along with templates and printables. 
It will also include some photos and templates of prints and ideas you can use when you make your own Mug Cake . 

ALL KITS will come with the standard hardware and cake ware items . Assembled kits will come with surfaces already covered with foil and food safe wrap.

Note that the kits are hand made and put together so pls do not expect a factory made and perfectly polished item . 


SHIPPING : Each kit is approx over  1 POUND in weight .

By purchasing the kit you are agreeing that you are using this for your own use - or your business/ client orders. You are to respect and protect the rights of the maker of the kit by not making a similar kit based on this and selling it yourself, or teaching the idea in a class. You are encouraged to make your own, or just order another ...  and keep using it for your business. This is based on my own face to face class and I am making this kit available so it can get to different people who cannot get to the classes and more people can enjoy the amazing effects of having a cake you can "experience" :)

Beer Mug / Coffee Mug Cake Kit


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